Your End-to-End Supply Chain Partner

MYA Logistics provides comprehensive warehouse and storage services to clients around the world.

Our services encompass a full spectrum of supply chain solutions for our customers, including storage, packaging, fulfillment, and freight management.


Our Mission

MYA Logistics’ mission is four-fold. We will:
  • Deliver a positive experience for our clients
  • Provide a safe, secure work environment for all associates
  • Offer exceptional value in the marketplace
  • Operate our business profitably and responsibly


Our Vision


To provide our clients with the best possible service which allows both our clients and MYA Logistics to grow, and to generate positive opportunities for our associates and the communities in which we do business.


Core Values

1. Create Amazing


2. Honesty & Respect


3. Teamwork


4. Communication


5. Safety





1. Hire, retain & fire based on company values.


2. Every employee will know our values and embrace our culture.


3. We will work as a team, not as individuals.


4. We will create a unique value proposition for our customers.


5. We will always go beyond the expectations of our customers, employees and vendors, with purpose.




Every service MYA Logistics offers is backed by programs that underscore our commitment to safety and quality.



Our Standards


Quality and care is built into every service MYA Logistics offers.

  • FDA-certified storage
  • Quality Management System
  • Internal audits
  • Safety protocols
  • Certifications