Freightliner Cascadia fleet update


The investments MYA Logistics makes are purposeful. In other words, it's not about "new," the MYA team focuses on innovation and continuous improvement at every turn and every mile. "We recently upgraded our fleet of semis because they feature technology that allows us to integrate new safety protocols. These new systems also improve uptime, driver comfort and their ability to react to unexpected on-road situations," says Jamie Cord, President. "We now have one of the newest, most modern fleets in the industry."

While safety is a leading priority, the company chose the Freightliner Cascadia for its ability to increase fuel efficiencies. The new line of trucks connect instantly with our fleet management system, so drivers have instant access to MYA's customer support center, fleet operations, maintenance, and even service techs if they need them.



Remote diagnosis and direct communication



"We also get a steady stream of data that allows us to monitor vehicle and driver performance, and the ability to remotely diagnose critical system faults within minutes," Jacob Ingram, Vice President of Operations, explained. "If there is a problem, we can quickly determine what's wrong, its severity, and identify the best, most efficient way to restore service," Ingram concluded.



Furthermore, Freightliner Cascadia provides the capability to analyze both operational efficiencies and vehicle safety to determine behaviors, trends, and root causes through fuel consumption, time allocation, and safety performance data. "We now have an intelligent fleet of vehicles generating performance and safety information that we use to enhance driver experience, increase fuel efficiency, and communicate with the truck's technology systems in real-time. This way, our drivers can focus their undivided attention where it should be, on the road," Ingram added.




Freightliner is a tremendous partner; they're responsive, innovative, and, like MYA Logistics, their service and technical teams go over and above the call of duty.

"At the end of the day, the fleet acquisition makes us better," says Cord, "our people appreciate how diligent we are at upgrading and improving their ability to provide customers with an industry-leading experience."


Jamie Cord, President


"That makes everyone feel good because we care about their future, and we're continually exploring ways to innovate and improve. For us, it's about taking care of our people and our customers," Cord concluded.