Bringing it all together – creating an amazing customer experience


MYA Logistics has invested heavily in driving innovation, improving their business through technology, equipment upgrades, and receiving their ISO 9001 Certification. While these investments improve efficiencies in many areas and help the company maximize its bottom line, the benefits far exceed financial rewards.

"Everything we're doing, all of the tools we're investing in allow us to create unparalleled end-to-end experiences for our customers," Kelly Hakes, VP of Strategic Solutions, proudly affirms. "Customers have real-time access to inventory data. We track their order from the warehouse to its final destination. We make supply chain management easy because customers can log in to the system from any smartphone, tablet or laptop, track their products, and verify delivery in real-time," Hakes offered.

Whether a new scanning system, warehouse forklift, modernized fleet, movement-sensing LED lights or updated reporting procedures, MYA Logistics fully integrates the upgrades across their business. As a result, customers report a higher level of confidence with the company's ability to manage their business effortlessly. "From my perspective, the most significant impact with all of the improvements is on our people," says Minnie Quinones, Senior Vice President.



"Our people are more focused on our customers' because they have new resources, processes that ease their workload, and workable methods for identifying and solving issues," Quinones added with a smile, "there's a plan for that!"

"The main reason our people are happier and engaged is that they were intricate in the process of creating new solutions and changing our dynamics. They contribute to our ability to innovate in all the right areas, so customers feel the difference and fortunately share their positive stories with us," said Quinones. "When your people feel valued like ours do, your customers feel it, too!"

While there are thousands of logistics companies in North America, what distinguishes MYA Logistics is their constant push for innovation and improvement. "We are continually scouring the landscape, talking to other logistics providers and industry experts to identify new technologies, processes, supply chain management systems, training programs, and equipment that will improve the way we operate and serve our customers,” Hakes concluded.