Strong, sustainable pallets…made of cardboard


Pallets are a common sight in a warehouse, just like the forklifts that carry them. But the next time you visit an MYA Logistics warehouse, you may want to take a second glance. 

MYA Logistics has partnered with Green Ox to provide smarter pallets that work harder for our customers. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Amazingly, these new pallets are made from corrugated cardboard, which is mightier than you think. The pallets can support up to 3,400 pounds, and they don’t warp like wood or plastic. Cardboard is also fold-friendly: These pallets can be stored and shipped as flat blanks, which creates more room for product.

  • Green Ox pallets help us keep products safer. Cardboard absorbs shock far better than wood, meaning any bumping or sliding during transport won’t hurt the products—and no more wood splinters to gouge sensitive packaging.

  • There are cost savings that come with the new pallets, which add efficiencies at every step of the supply chain. The lightweight cardboard pallets result in lower fuel consumption, which translates to lower transportation expense. In addition, the pallets are designed for one-way use, so there is no need to back haul a truck full of empty pallets.

  • The new pallets help us keep the environment in mind. While wood pallets fill approximately 4 percent of U.S. landfills, cardboard pallets are 100 percent recyclable

Have you seen our new pallets in action? Let us know what you think!