Order fulfillment that’s customer-focused


Missed, late, or inaccurate orders can leave your business high and dry in the face of customer demand. Successful order fulfillment is key to maintaining your customers’ satisfaction—and your good reputation. MYA Logistics makes order fulfillment a top priority in key ways. 


Customer-focused order fulfillment


Satisfactory orders begin with the discussions that take place in the first client meeting. MYA Logistics does not have a typical order process; instead, we create a scope of work based on your needs and expectations. “Some people are flexible about when they get their product,” says VP of Business Development, Jamie Cord. “Others want it just in time on a specific day. We can make that happen, too.”

Cord stresses that MYA Logistics is an extension of the clients’ distribution program—whatever your need is, we can provide services according to your business model. “We are a partner to your business,” he says. “We will customize a solution based on your needs, even if it’s a little out of our box.”



State-of-the-art logistics tools


MYA Logistics’ team uses the 3PL Central warehouse management system (WMS), a cloud-based logistics software program that tracks and manages all orders.

The real-time software is extremely user-friendly: You can access your orders at any point in the process and receive up-to-date information 24/7. Virtually all of MYA Logistics’ clients use the 3PL Central WMS to track orders, view stock reports, and receive inventory alerts. Plus, you can have as many logins as you need without additional charge.

For more information on order fulfillment or for a demonstration of the 3PL Central WMS, contact Jamie Cord at jcord@mya-logistics.com.