4 Ways to Ship Your Product More Efficiently


Can your transportation partner accommodate the changing needs of your business? MYA Logistics has developed a transportation system that can support the best types of distribution for our clients.


“As a third-party logistics provider, we can use any form of transportation that best fits our clients’ needs,” says Jamie Cord, vice president of business development for MYA Logistics.


Make getting your product easier with these transportation methods.


Dedicated fleet

When you need to send products, nothing should get in the way. With the option for a dedicated fleet at your service, MYA Logistics is able to provide expedient delivery based on your needs, not our schedule. You also can have a dedicated truck and driver, so your product is always on its way when and where you need it.


Shuttle service

Sometimes, you need to fill a supply gap quickly. Maybe you run out of a product or receive a rush order. MYA Logistics can move local product fast using our efficient shuttle service. Clients can utilize the shuttle as needed or on a regular schedule. Products can be moved between facilities, or from your facility to your buyer—whichever option best suits your needs.


Less-than-load transportation

Need to break a full truckload? No need to pay for empty trailer space. You can ship the amount you need without paying for a full truck. MYA Logistics consolidates multiple shipments going to similar regions across the country to make smaller shipments more practical for our clients.


Small parcel distribution

Smaller parcels shouldn’t set your business back. MYA Logistics clients benefit from volume discounts with shippers, such as the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and United Parcel Service. As a result, you will experience much better pricing on small parcel deliveries for any type of service, including next-day, second-day, or ground.


The bottom line? MYA Logistics is there for you and your customers. If you need a full truckload shipment one day, and a half truckload the next, we’re happy to do whatever you need. “We can use any or all of these shipping solutions for any customer,” Cord says. “We’re flexible and always put our customers first.”