How Professional Logistics Can Help Your Small Businesses


For smaller businesses, the benefits of utilizing a third-party logistics (3PL) firm may not be obvious. However, by outsourcing your packing, shipping, and warehousing needs to a logistics firm, you’ll discover more time to develop and improve your business. Here’s how.


  1. Keep costs down. Labor and shipping are the highest costs small businesses face. If you reduce that burden, you may be able to compete with larger companies that use advanced logistics.


    Logistics firms maintain relationships with multiple transportation carriers, so they can offer competitive pricing. They also can help small businesses with shipping-related tasks, such as tracking, billing, invoicing, and auditing. And, hiring a 3PL firm to manage shipping consolidates multiple positions into one, which significantly reduces labor costs.


  2. Navigate complicated shipping requirements. Successful execution of logistics is a puzzle—even for seasoned business owners. Luckily, 3PL firms exist to solve the puzzle. Firms like MYA Logistics can assist clients with potentially complex shipping requirements. For example, MYA Logistics offers four distinct freight management services to ship clients’ product to customers in the most efficient way possible.


  3. Scale operations as needed. If small businesses were to handle logistics on their own, they might pay more for labor and warehouse space than they need. 3PL firms allow small businesses to scale operations up or down based on their inventory and current needs.